Here We Go Again

I’m now completely lost for something to waste my time on after spending the last 18 months putting the Indian trip together. So here’s something to beat that. 19 Countries, 33 trains. 15 days, 14 nights, only one not in a sleeper. The one night not spent on the train is going to be at Narvik, which is well inside the Arctic Circle. I aim to be there for the Summer solstice 2013.

I haven’t added the mileage up yet but I’m pretty sure it’s going to beat the living daylights out of the Trans-Sib’, again. The route includes the gob smacking Bernina Express, which if you cant be arsed to do this totally stupid adventure you should work out a way of doing that sometime anyway. It’s truly awesome. The route also includes enough time to sit down and have something to eat in Paris, Copenhagen, Oslo, Narvik, Stockholm, Prague, Budapest, Istanbul (all day), Rome, Siracusa (Sicily, near Pozzalo, the southern most point or European Railways), Tirano (start of the Bernina Express), Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon. You’ve also got time for a very quick beer and a sandwich in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Dortmund, Belgrade, Venice, Milan, Zurich and Geneva. In Belgium, Croatia and Slovenia  we’ll just have to visit the buffet car and raise a glass in transit.

Check the first cut of the route page. You’ve got over 2 years to save up (will cost about £1,000 but I’ll have a more accurate figure for that in a few weeks). Of course the route is likely to change completely, several times, in the next 12 months while we argue the toss about where we are going to go.  Right now I’m ignoring ex-soviet Europe cos they wont play ball and join in on the European rail pass scheme.  And Greece is so financially stuffed that all the international trains have been sacked, so I’ve left them out too.

More later ….


3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. Donbacsi says:

    Re: The ill clad individual at ST. Pancras. I hope you are not talking about the shapely lass in the black and white striped dress but rather the Ali G. wanna be!
    The photo of the Dobos Torte has it wrong. You don’t drink palinka with it but rather Tokaji Aszu wine…as sweet as you can afford, as evidenced by the drink in the pic.

  2. marmara says:

    hello donbacsi, i’m so happy i found you and miss you from the TA forum although i suspect you had enough … too bad. i still would love to have a connection in some way as i very much valued your insight and you helped my daughter tremendously! Let me know how and if that’s possible…. Cheers, Marmara

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