Splash and Dash Options, More Research Needed

Those of you who did the India gig will know this is a subject close to my heart. I’ve done a quick reconnaissance of the current plan and there’s no real problem up to and including Byzantium. Things get smelly after that though.

Oh hang on, there are showers, yes showers, on almost all of our trains north of about Belgrade. So baby wipes will not be required. Also, since this was posted, we’ve had to ditch Istanbul, and have a night off in Sofia, and another in Sarajevo, so all in all you’ll be fresh as a daisy.

Day 1- have a bloody good wash before you leave the house.

Morning day 2 Copenhagen –  showers available in station. cant find what the charge is

Morning day 3 Trondheim – no showers, baby wipe time

Evening of day 3 Narvik,  there’s this campsite with huts. It’s £90 for a 6 bed cabin with shower. We’re in deepest Norway, 140 miles north of the Arctic Circle. It’s summer solstice so we’re intending on spending it outside anyway. It’s a bargain.

Morning day 5 Stockholm – showers and plenty of time to use them. 5 krona

Morning day 6 – Praha – showers available, 40 czech sheckles (£1.40)

Evening day 7 – Sofia has no showers, but we’ve been on the train since the previous night from Hungary, and haven’t washed since Prague. It would be good to sort something. Our Bulgarian operative may be able to wangle something.

Morning, Afternoon and Evening Day 8 – All day in Istanbul. The name, I have just discovered, comes from the Greek for City, or “to the city” (stin poli), which I find ironic. We didn’t start calling it that till Ataturk kicked up a fuss. See this 1920s poster for the Orient Express. We’re going to need to work out a decent option for this place. At 12 or 11  euros each in a 6 or 9 man dorm this place might be it http://www.istanbulhostel.net/ . We are there long enough though so that if you want a proper room for the day it’s sort of worth it.

So that’s the good news. The bad news is I don’t have a decent plan, short of baby wipes, all the way home from there, which is another 7 days. There is a hostel at Sircacusa, so we might be able to broker a deal with them.  If you are up for the full circuit to Pozzallo then you only have 2 hours back at Siracusa. We really could do with sorting something cos we have no time off the Milan train to grab a rinse, and there isn’t a super-loo from what I can see anyway,  and the Swiss day is all clinical timing.  There’s no super-loo option in Barca, Madrid or Lisbon either. We will certainly need to work something out for Barcelona. We know enough people in that neck of the woods that we should be able to arrange some kind of cleansing option  I’m sure.  We don’t want to be looking like a bunch of grubby juvenile travel vagrants now do we.


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