Go To Hell In Railway Heaven

We will have enough time in Oslo to walk outside the station, view the Oslofjord, and then get on our next train, the sleeper to Trondheim. At about £96 for a two berth compartment, this train is the most expensive sleeper supplement on the trip. But Norwegian trains are eye wateringly dear anyway, so we are “saving” more on the standard ticket through our InterRail passes than anywhere else.

Our train runs along the Dovrebanen line, which traverses the Dovrefjell mountain range. It will have just gone dark by the time we leave the capital so alas we wont get to see much of the divine Gudbrandsdalen valley and Lake Mjøsa, Norway’s biggest lake.

The sun comes up again just before 4am, round about the time we pass by Dombås, which apart from having the second most amusing place name on our Norwegian section of the journey, is also the start of the Dovrefjell – Sunndalsfjella National Park. By 7am we will be in Trondheim.

By 7:40 we will be rolling again along the Nordland Railway on “The Train to the Midnight Sun”, which will take us beyond the Arctic Circle. We wont see the sun set again for over 40 hours. Half an hour after leaving Trondheim we will pass through the tiny halt called Hell, but we dont stop so you’ll need to be very quick with the shutter for this one.

The route up to Bodø is one of the many jaw dropping lines in Norway, and while the Flåm Line, the Bergen Line and the Rauma Line probably take the podium positions, the Nordland isn’t to be sniffed at. If we were doing this trip over 2 months instead of 2 weeks, then all those other three would be prerequisites.

We arrive at Bodø just after 4:30pm. We’ll have a few hours to chill there and get some native supplies on board before getting a plane up to Narvik where we will spend the night. The flight is run by Widerøe Airlines and costs about £52 if booked in advance. It is quite a bit more expensive than getting the bus, but worth every krone for our now weary posteriors. It also means we go the full length of the Nordland line instead of having to jump ship at Fauske.

Here’s an NSB promo for the Nordland Line.


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