North – South Divide

Today’s train takes us from Berlin to Prague. We pull out of the spectacular Berlin Hauptbahnhof at a leisurely 10:45 on the Jan Jesenius Hamburg to Budapest tran.

By 1 O’Clock we will be at Dresden where the line picks up the Elbe, which we originally visited at Hamburg. Travelling south through “Saxon Switzerland” the river (flowing in the oposite direction of course) then carves it’s way through the České Středohoří mountains on the border. The line follows the river essentially all the way to the Czech capital, arriving just before 15:30. It’s rated as one of the top 10 scenic railway journeys in Europe (we may have a more developed opinion of that by the time we get home, but it’s a damn nice view all the same).

The Elbe valley on the German-Czech border

After a decent refreshment stop in Prague of over 8 hours, round about midnight we then climb aboard the EuroNight Metropol sleeper train. Fast asleep,  at half one in the morning, we will cross the main European Watershed between the Rhine and Danube river basins, before travelling through Brno. Still dead to the world, at Břeclav, close to the borders of Slovenia, Austria and Czechia, our carriages are deposited from the Metropol and wait for an hour for the Warszawa-Wien train, called the Chopin, arriving in Vienna at 06:30.


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