Best Berlin Budget Backpacker Bedtime Bids

A shameless piece of SEO title composition if ever there was.

I’ve done some terminal timetable tweaking at a few spots, and nailed the last couple of off-train sleeps. In Berlin I have decided to push back the departure to 12:45pm in order to allow us to indulge in some Berlin nightlife, enjoy some recovery time and not have to hang out in the sterile suburb just north of the Haupbahnhof. A&O Hostel, 300m from the main station, gave me a quote for 18 beds, even though there’s only 15 of us. It’s got paper thin walls, iffy reviews, and is a thoroughly unremarkable place to stay. So I started looking about for more stylish alternatives.

My first attempt for something a little more hip was a place called 3 Little Pigs, which is just by what is left of the great Anhalter Bahnhof. This is an ex-convent and quite an interesting building. I’d liked to have hired Bernard Hepton and Anthony Valentine to do a shift on reception. Alas, 3 Pigs claimed they were full up that day, so I’ve told Bernie and Tony to hold off for now.

“For you, the GCERC is over”

My next option was Baxpax Downtown. This is in a much better location for nocturnal activities. These guys freely admitted that they weren’t full, they just didn’t like the look of a bunch of middle aged trainspotters turning up (only 3 of us could be described as “railway enthusiasts”, but we are all way past school leaving age).

Anyone dressed like this will be sent home from St Pancras

My two remaining funky looking places were Pangea People, which looked acceptably interesting and had decent reviews, and Hostel Singer109. Pangea didn’t even bother responding, other than spitting a machine generated email response at me, and I was beginning to despair of finding anything suitable. So I rang Singer109 and was ready to plead with them to take us in. Out of all 4 of our preferred options, it’s the most architecturally interesting,  has TripAdvisor reviews rating it as good as a 4-Star hotel, is priced below any of the others once you take into account that everywhere else actually charges extra for their obligatory bedding, and it has a location only marginally inferior to BaxPax. So I was relieved in the extreme that they accepted our suspicious group of trend deficient gentlemen with open arms.

£22 a night, including breakfast, in what looks, and reads, like a swanky 4-star hotel

The overnight stop-overs are now as follows, with the prices I’ve paid per head at each.

  1. Narvik – Narvik Camping – £25 (no breakfast) estimate, not actually paid yet
  2. Berlin – Hostel Singer109 – £22 (including breakfast)
  3. Sofia – Canape Connection – £10 (including breakfast)
  4. Sarajevo – Hostel City Centre – £12 (including breakfast)
  5. Venice – Domus Civica – £27 (no breakfast)

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