The World of Darrenf

Chief Navigation Officer Darrenf Reflects On Day Zero

Darren is all teched up with downloaded maps and fancy apps so you can follow our every fluctuation.  If you want more data and less twaddle, then he’s the one to follow. 

It’s 7.20pm on a Friday night. I’ve had a couple of beers after work, and a burrito with habanero sauce so hot I thought I might die. Andy Murray is being hard to support on the TV and the weather is lovely and sunny and hot. I’m tempted to grab a couple of Guinness down the Vic.

But I have stuff to do. I need to pack. Because tomorrow I go on holiday. I have to get up at about 5am, leave the house to get the 6.02am train, and meet some cohorts at 7am, outside the John Betjeman Arms in St Pancras. This is a pub which is opening especially early for us (we’ve paid them) — we require breakfast, champagne, bloody marys, Guinness, etc, before getting a train, y’see. Eurostar. Train no.1 of… y’know, I don’t know how many trains. Let’s just say no.1 of several. Come tomorrow evening we’ll have seen Brussels and Amsterdam on our way to Copenhagen. 24 hours later and we’ll be getting to Oslo. Another 24 hours later and we’ll be on a bus to Narvik, deep -140 miles – inside the Arctic Circle, in the land of the midnight sun, wherein I hope to get a photo of broad daylight at 3am or so.

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