Day 17 – Extreme Europe

Lisbon. Our final unconquered capital. Number 23 on the list. We are at both the most Westerly and Southerly point of the trip, and as near as damn it on the Atlantic Ocean. We have ultimately run out of continental landmass.

Steve Dobson

Steve Dobson

We have all day here, several of the group know the city a little. We can give Lisbon a decent shot, but we urgently need to have a shower to make it all work. Our research team direct us to the municipal piscina, a few yards up the hill from the station. It’s a quaint but tiny little place. We don’t want to swim as such, we just desperately need to use the showers, luv. We must look a pathetic sight. Eventually she agrees we can have a rinse for a nominal fee, which I as good as double despite the good lady’s protestations.
bicaAfter half a pint of the elixir from the obliging piscina, we are ready to face 12 hours of lovely Lisbon. And what a lovely place it is. Trams, funiculars, great cafes, great views, ancient buildings, more trams, more funiculars. A shot of some cherry stuff from a quaint little booth in the main square. We end up in a restaurant. I have my espetada. Others take their pick. Darren eats everyone’s desert. The street number of the establishment is 23. It’s all part of the plan you know.

Steve Dobson

Back down the hill, and that lift. Those of us who haven’t been to Belem before, or just want to carry on tramming, catch a ride out there. The monastery is witnessed, Pasties de Belem are consumed. A train back into town is caught.

Mick Pope

The Museum of Beer had been noticed by everyone earlier, and I feel certain I will find them all sat inside the bar there. My intuition is correct. We debate what should be our final evening meal. It really should be piri piri, but somehow curry wins the day. When we get there it’s shut. But there is another just up the alley. Everyone thinks it’s great. I know not why.

Back to the station, bags are retrieved. Wine and water and some decent port is acquired. We board, and the journey home can begin.

Start: On the approaches to Lisbon
Train 43 – continued sleeper from Madrid
Train 44 – 21:18 Lisbon to Hendaye sleeper
Finish: In a bar, travelling north-west.

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