Before we set off I would have been delighted just to get everyone round this circuit. Having done so I am amazed at myself and my group that we managed it. It was a close shave on more than one occasion, and no shave at all for most of the rest.

The most pleasing result from the trip though is the work Lloyd, Darren and Dave put into recording the whole expedition as it unfolded, along with the photos which I will describe on another page.

Lloyd is a man of words and is now a successful author, so I was always banking on him to produce something that would be worth reading. He has done so, with sentiment that I couldn’t begin to encapsulate myself in words. I’m just hoping I haven’t busted his creative writing mojo in the process.

Darren and Dave were not avid bloggers before the trip and as such their contributions are just as remarkable. Darren is nothing less than my telepathic ghost writer. And for the Railway Enthusiast, Dave’s account is something to both enjoy and envy.

Lloyd Shepherd –

Darren – The World Of DarrenF –

Dave – Disorientated Dave –


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