On the corner of Rue de Tabora and Bruersstraat, there is a bakery called La Wetternoise, a fromagerie called P’tit Normand, and across the road a charcuterie of the same name, and next to that a Nicolas boozerie. Then just centimetres away, down a little alley with a distinctly dodgy red neon sign and arrow,  (see street view),  is this la Bécasse café. It’s all under 100m from the Grande Place.

picture from

Looks like the entrance to a whore house,
but it’s actually a quaint Belgian pub.

The Delhaize supermarket is just round the block also, so we can easily satisfy all our shopping requirements in half an hour with some delegation, and the pub is bookable. We need a picnic to last 18 hours, i.e. till 10am in Copenhagen. But we should buy enough  salami for 3 days, and alcohol for 4.

We’ll get the trian from Midi to Centraal. Then between the station and GP are all the chocolatiers, I reckon we should go for 2 boxes.

  • Cured meat selection, about 4 kilos worth in 150 g serving, So we need about 30 French, Woloonian and Flemish cured meats and pate. (about £50)
  • All kinds of bread, about 4 loaves. (about £7)
  • Fine cheeses, about 2 kilos in 200g, so 10 cheeses (about £30)
  • Butter
  • Fruit and salad. say £25
  • 1 kg (may be 2) serious chocolates, £50 a kilo
  • bread knives, fruit juices and other miscellany from Delhaize
  • should add up to about £15 each.

The GCERC Cellar

  • Fine wine 20 bottles (we need to get rid of 5 by Norway)
  • Fine spirits 15 bottles, (all the jenever and anything else) +1 special bottle, a brandy or something

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