Here is the shopping list for the Budapest Food Market for the Budapest-Sofia trains (24 hours).

  • a range of cured hams and salamis, cut very thin
    • Csabai Kolbasz
    • Fustolt Szollona
    • Gyulai Kolbasz
    • Erõs Szalámi
    • Pick salami
    • Paraszt
    • Cserkesz
    • Smoked Pork loin
    • Smoked ribs
  • Ginger beer
  • Pickled Water Melon
  • Edes(mild. sweet) paprika spread
  • Eros(strong, spicey) paprika spread
  • Dill
  • Tomatoes
  • Fresh Cucumbers
  • Pickled cucumbers
  • Cheeses
    • Trappista (mild)
    • Pálpusztai (strong)
  • Bread
    • “footballs”
  • Cakes
    • Dobos Torta (chocolate cake)
    • Turo Torta (cheese cake)
    • Kürtőskalács (one between 2 persons)
  • Palinka
    • plum
    • apple
    • apricot
    • pear

12 thoughts on “Budapest

  1. Donbacsi says:

    Keckemet or Szatmari jams and jellies (lekvar). Bread “footballs” for sandwiches and breakfast. You forgot the wine!

    • Lester says:

      I have most certainly not forgot the wine, but we’ll need to do some more technical work on that. There’s no point skimping, everyone can afford to splash out a little on this one.

  2. Donbacsi says:

    The “Karavaner” fustolt (smoked) cheese will be the best for where you are going. It is like a smokey Gouda or Edam and will hold very well for days without fridge. Also it is a perfect balance for the salamis and smoked meats.
    Meats: Other than the juicy ham slices which you will eat first as the train drags across the geat Hungarian plain, you will want szalami…lots of it. If you do it right you can eat this all the way to Italy without having to live on lamb kebabs from sketchy sources. You want “Pick” teli (winter) szalami with the white outer coating. This stuff is good for days when sliced. Buy one for the troops to eat on the way to Istanbul. Buy another and hold it back for potential lamb disasters or worse yet, no meat disasters. These szalamis hang in the rafters of Hungarian homes all winter…they will take you all the way to London if need be.In addition get several packets of “scout” sausage. This stuff will last forever and is kind of like a meat candy bar. Good to go anywhere.

  3. Donbacsi says:

    Your deserts don’t travel well…or at all. If you want cheese goodies get the “taska” which means little bag/briefcase/purse. It will hold the cheese and last a day or two. Also get a box of the Linzers, little butter cookies with fruit in the middle.
    What are you going to use the dill (kapor ) for? That is generally mixed into sauces for meats.

    • Lester says:

      the cakes will be eaten immediately we set off, i presume the cylindrical stuff will last longer and is hopefully in a protective plastic tube.
      dill goes in salad, we’ll be making up with cucumber and tomatoes and some oil. everyone has a plate. hungary must be the only place between the adriatic and china if you dont use “ukrop” in tyhe salads.

  4. Donbacsi says:

    When I say those cakes don’t travel well, I mean they are difficult just to get from you plate to you mouth. There is no way you are going to get these to the train without a HUGE mess.

    • Lester says:

      dont they have cake boxes ?, someone carrying a bag (I’m going to stick “1 large reusable supermarket shopping bag” on the kit list) can surely get from their to the train without it disintegrating ?.

    • Lester says:

      Ahhahaha ?, dont be so childish.
      If Budapest is so grubby that it’s top rated patisseries cant manage a cardboard box then I’m afraid we’re going to be rethinking this day entirely. Have you ever shopped in this place ?.

  5. Donbacsi says:

    My point is, the 3 deserts you have picked won’t travel well in a box any better than a plastic bag. Two of them will be a blob of goo by the time you get to the statin. The Dobos will be stale almost as soon as you cut into it unless you eat the entire thing at one setting hard to do even for 15 as it is so rich. In addition, unless you use a very cold knife, it too will goo out the sides and you will have a mess. Don’t go with the soft, creamy filling deserts. Get firmer items or use dry ice because everything will ooze out no matter how you carry them. There are many deserts that travel well, but these aren’t among them. Remember, it’s summer in Budapest…much toastier than UK. Just eat a piece of this at the cukrazda.

    • Lester says:

      the weather in london last june/july was roughly the same as budapest, may be on average budapest was 1 or 2 deg hotter. normally about 24 with a 32 degree spike for a few days.
      if this thing is uncuttable then we’ll get them to cut it. it will be eaten that evening, but sure, you get 16 portions, we dont need 2.
      these barbecued rolling pins though, they look like they’ll keep til breakfast at least.

  6. Donbacsi says:

    The beigli will easily last to Istanbul if you cover the open end with cello. The filling keeps them quite moist. Howeve, one caveat. There will be those who favor the nut or poppy seed over the other (the Skansers) and you may well find one or the other gone when you get up in the morning.

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