Peck wont do delivery, and would be outrageously expensive anyway. So we’re currently trying to source a place in Tirano that can do this.

  • Cured meat selection, about 2 kilos worth in 150 g serving, So we need about 15 classic cured meats.
  • All kinds of bread, about 5 loaves.
  • savoury pastries or pies if they are on offer, about 12.
  • Fine cheeses, about 2 kilos in 200g, so 10 classic cheeses
  • Fine wine 12 bottles
  • Fine grappa 4 bottles
  • Three fantastic cakes, e.g ricotta, tiramisu.
  • fruit. about 30 to 40 servings.
  • salad stuff, including olives and fresh and preserved tomatoes
  • butter
  • Fruit juices, 10 litres.

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