Zagreb market opens at a conveniently early 7am. We get in at an inconvenient 6:30, though I’m sure we’ll be a bit late. As long as we aren’t very late we’ll visit Dolac market, 1km away on a free tram, (yes, FREE!, well done Zagreb!).

We need enough to get us through the day, we have an hour and a half in Ljubljana, but other than that we wont have much chance to eat or buy stuff till we get to Venice.

This page has some great suggestions to start the page with

  • dimsi (a smoked cheese),
  • Paški sir, multiple varieties (sheeps milk from the island of Pag)
  • kulen (salami, hot paprika)
  • kukuruzni kruh (corn bread),
  • Cevapcici (mixed mince kebab)
  • dzhem od suha smokve s’narnacom (dried fig and orange jam),
  • bajadera (chocolate and hazelnut sweet, made by Kras).
  • Burek (puff pastry pasty type things) ,
  • lepinji (a nan or liposhki type bread, good for eating cevapcici)
  • “Normal” bread
  • rozata (creme caramel)
  • Wild Boar pate,
  • creme fraiche. (for the burek and peceni struklji)
  • apple strudel
  • butter
  • fruit, lots

I got this lot from a kind lady on virtualtourist, which is what we’ll use as the instructions :-

rozata – Dalmatian speciality, can be found in good restaurants – better look for it in Split. It doesn’t keep well, I doubt you’ll find it in Dolac or supermarkets. No cherries or anything in it! Is should be served with rose-petal jam – but nobody does that anymore. Caramel topping is ok.
Chevapchichi – buy them grilled, served in lepinja bread. Several grills in Dolac area sell them.
Burek (puff pastry pasty type things) , – can be found in same or similar shops as chevapchihi, also at the railway or bus stations all over Croatia
Dolac Must Buy List:
kukuruzni kruh (corn bread),
kulen (salami, hot paprika) + ask also for ‘kulenova seka’!
Prsut – wind-cured smoked ham, prosciutto crudo
sir i vrhnje (cottage cheese and cream, gently mix together so that lumps of cheese stay firm and eat with corn bread)
Look for stalls selling local canned jams and sweets and ask for Paprenjak – ancient honey cookies with black pepper
Domachi tvrdi sir – ladies sell disc-shaped (actually colander shaped) homemade cheese from inland Croatia – some are softer, some harder, some smoked – this is the most authentic cheese you can get and my personal absolute favourite.
Also buy butter from these ladies, and see if maybe some of them have ‘kajmak’ – add that to your chevapchichi in lepinja bread or spread on bread and eat with cured meat – salami etc
You can get these in some larger supermarket, perhaps split the group for shopping to gain some time:
Dimsi (a smoked cheese)
Paški sir – best is by Gligora
see correct spelling – dzem od suhe smokve sa narancom (dried fig and orange jam), I’d suggest also dried fig and carob (rogac) jam – brand SMS is easy to find in supermarkets
bajadera (chocolate and hazelnut sweet, made by Kras) + Also try Griotte by Kras, with cherry and liqueur!
Look for dried smoked tuna, or trout, or seabass – packed in vacuum, fantastic just with bread. Oh, and absolutely try Bakalar spread! all these fishy things are usually found in a special fridge for canned seafood or at Dolac in the fish market section.
Tartufata Zigante – Istrian truffle spread, with just some fresh white bread – mmmm….
štruklji (a stuffed bready thing) – sold uncooked, so unless you plan to cook them don’t buy. Can be found in some restaurants in Croatia and Slovenia as a side dish or dessert


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