We went to the trouble of making sure we’d got a professional photographer on the trip. It was well worth it. The whole nature of the adventure meant that photography had to be instinctive. Muck about too long setting up a shot and you might find yourself in a different country. Paul’s forte is live event photography. If you’ve got something crazy going on that you want to get into 2 dimensions, give Paul a call.

Rome silhouette group
Photo @ Paul Clarke

See all of Paul’s photo collections here

But of course we all had some kind of photographic equipment on us. Those with more dedicated apparatus also benefited from Paul’s tutorial skills, and between them they took some amazing pictures.

Darren Foreman
Darren Foreman – GCERC Flickr set

Steve Dobson
Steve Dobson  – GCERC Flickr set

Dave Watson
Dave’s GCERC Flickr Set –

Mick Pope
Mick’s GCERC Flickr Set

Lloyd Shepherd
Lloyd’s Flickr

All the photos on this blog from post Day – 1 In the Beginning  to Day 18 – Back To Blighty, were taken on the trip.


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