This has been, for everyone on the trip, nothing short of a life changing experience. There will be people who have covered this kind of distance in the same timescale, most likely on a London to Saigon run. But I doubt anyone has ever done 1,000 km a day, plus sightseeing, through our mind blowing continent at this tempo, for 18 days. And nobody has ever done it in such a group and recorded it as diligently as we have.

I am still reassembling what bits of my brain are still salvageable. A meaningful reflection on the trip will take a few weeks, at which point I will produce my own day by day account and tie in links to the four blogs and the photo pool we are assembling.

In the mean time you can race through Europe with each of Lloyd, Darren and Dave’s blogs and drool over Paul’s photos and wonder what it’s like to see, eat and feel all that in 18 days. I will leave you for now with a fantastic shot Paul took of us all in Rome at a secret little spot the guys at Volpetti’s sent us to with the first instalment of the picnic.